Arduino Leonardo Pinout Reference

  • I made this Arduino Leonardo pinout reference for anyone considering building shields for the Leonardo. Please note that shields designed for the UNO, Duemilanove, Diecimila and others will most likely NOT WORK on the Leonardo, because a lot of the pin functions have been moved around. This image helps you see some of the differences.

    For example, the lower 8 digital pins are no longer all a single port, and many of the pins, with the exception of the RX and TX lines, are moved around. Some of the PWM lines are in the same place, but are now connected to different ports and OC registers than they were before.

    On the other hand, you now have access to twice as many ADC pins as you did before, and you don’t have to give up 2 ADCs for I2C. You also get two more low-level interrupt lines and, of course, USB native functionality, which (I personally feel) is exciting!

    You can see the full-size image (about 2200×1600) in my Flickr photostream. This pinout was derived from the info found here. The Leonardo image is from the official Arduino Leonardo page.

    Happy hacking!