New Arduino Library: INA219 i2c Current/Power Monitor

  • I’m happy to announce a new Arduino library —  my first ever — for the TI INA219 current/power monitor chip. This is a neat little chip that has an isolated shunt voltage amplifier tied to a 12-bit delta-sigma converter. It has on-board oversampling (up to 128 samples) and is addressable over I²C. The I²C is handled by the Arduino Wire library.

    The INA219 can provide the four main figures of interest for a DC bus: shunt voltage, bus voltage, load current and power. Note that it will not work with AC — it cannot calculate RMS values, or account for lead/lag phasing due to reactive loads — but it’s still super handy for monitoring the power consumption of circuits with DC rails.

    You can download the library and an example sketch over on GitHub.

    Happy current sensing!